Trey Filter was captured on video tackling a suspected gunman as the man ran through crowds after Wednesday’s parade in Missouri.

A man who tackled a suspected gunman after the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting in Missouri on Wednesday has broken his silence after footage of his heroic efforts was released.

Trey Filter, a father of two from Wichita, Kansas, was captured on camera tackling a suspected assailant as the man ran through the busy crowds after Wednesday’s Super Bowl parade, where gunshots rang out and killed one woman and injured 22 others.

“There was a lot of commotion, I could definitely tell that someone was being chased,” Trey recalled of the moment on Good Morning America on Thursday. “Couldn’t see much but heard ‘Get him,’ saw a flash next to me and I remember I jumped and remember thinking, ‘I hope this is who they were talking about.’ ”

He continued, “We were pretty elated once we knew we had him. They started yelling, ‘There’s a gun, there’s a gun,’ so we

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