The Kansas City shooting suspects can be seen arguing in chilling footage taken moments before a gunfight killed one and injured 22 at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade. 

Footage taken on a fan’s phone shows two of the juvenile suspects arguing in the background during a heated exchange with someone off camera. 

The suspect in a red hooded sweater is seen hastily pulling his backpack off as if he is reaching for something within it. 

While another teen lurks behind him, wearing a beige brown jacket and what appears to be a black bandana over his face, another is also seen wearing a black hoodie with a black satchel.

Separate footage shows the suspect in the black hoodie leaving the scene with his hand caked in blood as he clutches his face. 

Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said earlier this week that investigators believed the shooting was triggered by a personal dispute.  

Eye witnesses told the outlet that the teen with the satchel had been shot in the face during the melee.

One witness said on Friday that one of the suspects had been missing part of their jaw following the shooting on Wednesday. 

Navy veteran Tony Janssens told Fox News Digital how he bumped into some of the suspects as he was fleeing to safety after shots rang.

‘[One of the suspects] turns around and his jaw’s been shot. He’s basically missing his jaw, and he’s freaking out,’ Janssen said.

‘He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what to do. And then his buddies are kind of scrambling. They’re all like, don’t know if they should keep running or help his buddy, since he’s bleeding now.’

Janssens was not sure if the suspect was a victim or one of the shooters, but he followed his military training and kept his eyes on the injured person.

Other footage also shows the teen in the brown jacket being apprehended by bystanders at the parade following the shooting. 

The unknown man is seen in dramatic footage being shoved to the ground by heroic fans who chased him down. 

Father-of-two Trey Filter was seen tackling the man in the brown jacket along with Omaha resident Paul Contreras. 

Explaining how he managed to grab the suspected shooter, Trey said: ‘I turn, I see a flash, and I think to myself I hope that is him.

‘All I recall is barely seeing the guy and I couldn’t believe I caught him, I remember thinking “man I hope that is him”.’

Contreras, who attended the event with his daughter Alyssa, was caught on film by his daughter as he launched himself at the suspect.

‘One guy was hollering, saying, you know, “Stop him – catch him, tackle him, or whatever,”‘ Contreras recalled, as footage from others showed the actual tackle in real-time.

‘And he’s just barely running,’ he went on. ‘And out of nowhere I hear that guy hollering, so I’m just like, “OK, I’m right here.”‘

The dutiful dad continued: ‘I didn’t think about it. It’s just a reaction. I didn’t hesitate – just do it.’

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PUBLISHED: 18:52 EST, 17 February 2024 | UPDATED: 15:18 EST, 18 February 2024